Audi Barnes is a poet and essayist, as well as the founder of the WE HAVE VOICES reading series.

Writing from the Black poetic tradition and inspired by Saeed Jones, Camonghne Felix, Patricia Smith, and Roger Reeves, Audi’s work tackles identity, mental illness, physical disability, and abusive familial relationships. Her poem Poplar Trees can be found at The Offing magazine.

A talented technical writer, Audi has worked in the construction industry as well as for the U.S. government doing proofreading and editing and other quality assurance projects. She is available for hire as a freelance writer and/or editor. Reach out via the contact page for inquiries.

Audi founded the WE HAVE VOICES reading series in direct response to the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor. The injustices perpetrated against them and countless other Black people are ongoing and require tireless attention and action to combat. WE HAVE VOICES rallies its supporters around the Black community. It provides a platform on which Black creative writers from the Central Florida community can perform, and directs funds from their supporters to Black-focused initiatives, organizations, and businesses. The first reading, WE HAVE NAMES: Reclaiming Black Bodies, was held in remembrance of Ahmaud, George, and Breonna and raised over $400. Visit the website for more information, or donate in support of the organization here.